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Capitol Reef Natural History Association (CRNHA) is a nonprofit cooperating association.  The association's purpose is to support historical, cultural, scientific, interpretive and educational activities at Capitol Reef.  CRNHA operates the sales area in the visitor center and the Gifford Farmhouse, offering publications and theme-related items that help visitors better understand the park and its resources.  The CRNHA is a significant donor to the educational outreach program, oral history interviews, interpretive programs, and scientific research projects.  When you purchase from CRNHA, you are supporting programs in Capitol Reef National Park.

We invite you to participate in our membership program.  We are excited to introduce the new Sojourn membership level.  Sojourns is a  new publication available to our members.

It promises the reader a remarkable blend of stories and photographs about the natural and cultural history of the Colorado Plateau region.

Special Member benefits:

  • 15% discounts at the CRNHA bookstore and the Gifford House Store
  • Membership Card
  • Discounts nationwide at other national park cooperating association outlets

Individual $35.00
Your $35.00 annual donation helps enhance Capitol Reef for future generations.  As a CRNHA individual you will receive one membership and a Capitol Reef Logo Decal.

Sojourns  $50.00
Your $50.00 annual donation helps enhance Capitol Reef for future generations.  You will receive one membership card and a two-issue subscription to Sojourns publication.

Supporting $100.00
Your $100.00 annual donation provides additional interpretive learning  experiences to Capitol Reef visitors.  You will receive one membership card and one Blakeway panorama Hickman Bridge poster.

Benefactor  $200.00
Your $200.00 annual donation provides the additional interpretive learning experience to Capitol Reef visitors and you will enjoy the great satisfaction of knowing that you have helped conserve one of our nations vital national treasures. As a Benefactor Member you will get one membership card and David Muench, Plateau Light publication.